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Loving your work, the app looks slick and works really well for simple encounters, a couple of comments however:

1. The pc client could do with some way of selecting a quantity of creatures for an encounter, I can't seem to get any more than 1 to be set right now (nevermind, have found it - echoing the earlier comment that the pc could do with slightly different control to the mobile versions!)

2. Some sample XML or xml schema would be nice - I'd be up for trying to put a converter together from some common formats, but some kind of sample provided with the program would be helpful.

3. Some kind of versions on the download files and in app for the desktop version would be great so I know if I need to update. Less of an issue for the phone obviously!

4. In app upgrade mechanism for the desktop version.

5. Some way of linking my accounts, perhaps some kind of link to my dropbox account on my phone and pc to prevent the need for manual importing/exporting (again I may be missing something).

6. Echoing the earlier sentiment that we could really do with some ability to scroll in from a main adventure map into some kind of sub-modules with their own map and entries. The current system is great for high level planning of an adventure, or for individual sections, but I suspect that trying to run a whole campaign will end up with needing a massive number of modules.

Thank you sir, we are very happy to hear that it is helping you with your games. We highly value user feedback as that is what drives our development for future features. 

1. Copy that sir, we are increasing the sensitivity of the scroll bars to react to mouse wheels in the next update. 

2. Excellent advice, we will add that as an extra downloadable here. 

3. Thank you, this will be in the next update. 

4/5. This will be a longer term change, but definitely solid requests that we would like to develop.

6. We are creating an option to have multiple "campaign" files with their own set of modules/adventures. We will be adding the feature to switch between modules/adventures within a campaign as well :) Hopefully this will help with managing hardcovers and long-homebrew campaigns. :)

Many thanks for the quick turnaround, I shall have a poke at some of the new features now :)

I absolutely love the program. I have been waiting so long for a PC app for DMing that actually fits with what I need!! However, I am having issue with creating a monster Stat block, but it disappearing when I go back into the module. If I have attached it to a module event, the name is still their, but it isn't in the creature compendium and I cannot add it to the Initative traker. Am I missing a step needed to save them properly? (Everything else is amazing though!!) :)

Thanks, can you walk me a bit more with your issue sir?

First, what system are you using it on? Android/Windows/Mac/iOS

The fact that you could drag the monster to the module means that you were able to save it, is that correct? But you wont be able to add it in if the monster data doesnt exist. Can you tell me the sequence of your actions sir?

The app is looking good on Android, I'll have to try the desktop version this weekend. Is there any data on the XML format used to import?

What type of data are you looking for? Empty files or no modules  will only contain the XML tags in the exported file.

I ask because I tried to import a file I was sent that works with FighClub 5 that a friend uses on his iPad. EpicGm jsut gave an error and loaded nothing. I wanted to a template to see how the data needs to be formatted in the XML file

During my session yesterday I noticed that on the desktop version rolling initiative for multiple creatures of the same type always gives the same result for all of them.

Besides that the app remains to be an awesome tool

Hi I did that intentionally because usually DM would prefer to run monsters of the same type at the same time. Do you need an option to have each of them on their own initiative count?

Thank you for the positive words!

Hi, thank you for the answer. Yes I would prefer for each monster to have their own initiative count. For me personally this is the main reason to use a digital initiative tracker in the first place.

I can see however why you made the choice you did. So yes having an option would be awesome.

Thank you I will add this in the next next update. This is because the current one has almost finished the testing phase and is being prepared for deployment. 

Nice! You guys are awesome :)

This Program is truely amazing! Currently working on my own campaign and it works really intuitive. Could it maybe be possible that certain maps are linked to pins. For instance, when I have a dungeon in my world map, indicated by Pin 1, as soon as i click Pin 1 it automatically opens the map of the dungeon? That would be amazing. Also maybe a forum for user-generated content?

Thank you so much! 

Admittedly, that sounds complicated to work in but doable. But to clarify your request, instead of opening a journal/module entry, tapping on the pin would linked to a different map image instead?

Regarding a forum for user-generated content, that is a big thing that we want to bring in. We are still currently seeking advice from WOTC though as legal content may become an issue there. 

I understand the legal implications, I hope you can figure it out! 

About my pinrequest, yes! That's exactly what I mean. If I have my Goblin dungeon somewhere on my map, it could be nice if, when I tap on the pin "Goblin Dungeon", it automatically scrolls or gives a shortcut to it's map. Just a little thing that would help with user-comfort. I'm looking forward to what this app becomes, I think you have an amazing opportunity on your hands!!

Best of luck!

I love this program. Very intuitive. My only issue is that I'm not very tech savvy, and I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to import anything. I found the dropbox file I want, but every time I attempt to import it says it's in the wrong format? I'm probably overlooking something obvious, but it would be fantastic if someone could help me out.

Mine is doing the same thing.

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So far I really like the set up of this. I've been looking for something like this to help with campaign running so I can use my phone or tablet to track things and build without having tons of stuff  all over. The one thing I was wondering is if there's module downloads you can get for pre-built stuff like the curse of Strahd campaign, or tomb of annihilation just so I don't have to spend all the extra time uploading and reorganizing when I want to run a quick pre-built. 

Definitely hoping to bring this in. Working to gain WOTC's approval on this as there is the issue for legal content and copyrights. But we will try to come up with a workable solution either way.

Thank you for the positive words!

So far I'm loving this app - the only requests so far would be, if possible, could you add the ability to move subentry items to the map? i.e. Entry 5 - A_cavern_01 has subentry 1, 2, 3, 4 etc per room - can we get a 5_1, 5_2, 5_3 or something similar, to be able to pin on a per room basis for the map that's uploaded?  Alternately you would need to create a new campaign per dungeon to pull it off.. and the other being (at least in PC mode) you can drag a pin off of the screen, and then you aren't able to retrieve/remove without either deleting the map or the Module entry..

Great work so far though, keep it up!!

We appreciate the feedback sir. We will look into your requests and will work on adding a fix for pins being dragged off map. We hadn't caught this one and this feedback is highly valuable. 

We are working on a new update where saved files can have chapters and entries. This might work with what you are trying to achieve. We will be deploying this update after our session of testings :)

Thank you so much sir!

I love this app! For the PC version, is there a way to make it so the mouse can scroll better. As of right now when you do a full circle on the mouse, you only go about 1/16" on the screen. It takes forever to get to the bottom. I finally figured out you had to click and drag to move, but the mouse functionality would be better. Thanks!

We hear you on this one sir. We will be adjusting the scroll areas to allow for better mouse wheel sensitivity :)

I'm blown away, this changes everything. This is exactly the kind of tool I've been looking for but haven't wanted to resort to using Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds when I'm playing at a table. 

I look forward to trying it out this Sunday. Is this safe from DMCA takedown so I can hope for its popularity and success, or will this be my best-kept DM secret?

Thank you for the kind words :) 

As far as we know, we only use Open 5e Content and do not offer any copyright materials and content :)


Great tool that will make my gming a lot more smooth! I do have a few suggestions to make it even better:

- Syncing via OneDrive (and similar); Creating content is far more comfortable on a computer

- Release as a UWP-App via the Microsoft Store for easy updates.

- Integration of external music players/spotify playlists

- Ability to add multiple maps at once and ability to change their order in the program

- A way to set advantage on initiative for the classes that get that feature

- Encounters per subsection

- Arrows and text boxes to set enemy amounts on a computer

Thank you for the feedback sir! 

We'll try to add those in future patches :)

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