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epicGM is a digital dm screen, compendium and battlemap for your RPG needs. 

DM Notes

Create DM notes, add maps and images and quick links to monsters. Notes also allow you to create Random Tables that add rolled encounters to combat.

Combat Tracker

Easily tracks PC and Monsters health and initiative. The combat tracker allows you to quickly view monsters stats and roll attack and damage dice.


Offers a quick look up allowing you to search for anything from the compendium by name.


Run combat by loading images as a battle map. Add PC and Monster tokens and quickly assign AOE damage with Dice Nodes.

XML and Dropbox Support

Import and export compendiums or campaign notes via XML. Also supports FightClub PC xmls

*The app only comes with open 5e content and you will need to import or add additional content.


Minor Bug Fixes.

Updated the API to restore previous purchases.

Fixed issues with importing FC XML


PF2 tracker fixes

2.1.2 Pathfinder 2

The update brings PF2 support with all the same tools afforded to 5e. 

Fixed an issue with camera support on Android
Added support for phones with Notches.
Fixed an issue with Dropbox Upload/Download

Fixed an issue with the browser not opening for import
Minor bug fixes


Added a tutorial overlay to help with onboarding.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Smoother image control for mobile devices on the map panel
  • Fixed an issue with some systems not being able to upload to dropbox
  • Fixed an issue with entering attack rolls with advanced functions.

What’s New in 2.0 (Beta)

I am releasing the Desktop version in advance as a beta. The core features are complete but the multiplayer functions are still in early stages and will receive plenty of iterations for improvements in future patches. The iOS/Android versions are still waiting for appStore Approval

2.0 comes with a redesigned UI based on your feedbacks with plenty of QoL features to make running your games smoother.  I hope that the new UI will be more intuitive.

Beta version of hosting a networked room allowing a DM view and a Player view.


Linux version has been posted by request. Please be advised that I have no experience with Linux systems and won't be able to help with installation issues

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdnd, pf2
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


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epicGMwin64 1.8.5.zip 96 MB
epicGMLinus 1.8.5.zip 97 MB
epicGMLinux 2.1.3.zip 112 MB
epicGMMac 2.1.3.zip 124 MB
epicGMwin32 2.1.3.zip 121 MB
epicGMwin64 2.1.3.zip 124 MB
epicGMMac 2.1.5.zip 124 MB
epicGMWin 2.1.5.zip 124 MB

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The Linux version doesn't seem to launch, but the Windows version works in WINE. Anything I should be aware to make work natively on Linux Mint 21.1 

Has anyone done a decent long tutorial or a test drive video for this?  I'm sure I'm not getting more than basic use out of it.

Also is the discord still a thing?

I guess its only good for D&D and Pathfinder for now then.

Can't someone write spaces between words by any chance? And I try to write accents (I'm spanish) and I can't write them either.

Is the project still going on, or they stopped working on it?

please add dynamic lighting and 3d dice rolling :)

Still buggy but I love the work ur doing.

I love this so much.it’s  incredibly useful and has tons of potential. You’ve done an outstanding job developing this!

Perhaps a dumb question, but how does one get the PF2 compendium content to import?  I'm not seeing an option in the settings.

Just curious what the timeframe for Pathfinder 2E looks like? I want you to know i understand it cant be easy for you and this question is in no way trying to rush you! I am just curious. Thanks for all your hard work. :)

PF2 is mostly complete with the monster and spell database and some rules. Mostly I am at the testing stage. I feel that item, treasures aren’t that necessary so I haven’t taken the time to encode them (would love your input here if you think its necessary to include them)

Your software is really awesome :) . The only issue I have is that I can't place notes on the map.When I drag them on the map it doesn't do anything.

(1 edit)

Ah notes dont work in that way. That’s a completely valid way to do it and I do wish I had thought of that functionality before. 

Once I finished with the PF2 support, Im hoping to look into improving the map system with requested changes. 

Download is not working for me. Is the file still available for Windows? Please advise.

normally if you click on "Download Now" it should work.

Is there a library online for xml files to import or a tutorial to show how to import other sourcebooks if i have the xml. I have tried both locally and from dropbox but nothing seems to be working.

The xml follows a specific format. You can only import epicGM xmls or Fightclub XML. 

Try https://github.com/ceryliae/DnDAppFiles

could I maybe get one that lets me build "playbooks" (a la powered by the apocalypse) and custom character sheets? Effects I can put on the map, or like translucent cards of some sort? that would be pretty cool.

Thank you for the suggestions, I will add those to the list of features for development.. 

Is there a way to be able to create a map on my phone and share it with my players across the world, using any method?

We are currently testing sharing maps. You can use the Host and have a second device connect to your room in “Player Mode.” 

This looks awesome! I'd love to be able to use this with a very different system.  Would it be allowed for someone to take a version of the program and alter it for another rpg system? 

I'd be the one to do this and the only coding I've done was with maptools and Javascript for pdfs. Is it is allowed in not sure how far my limited experience would get me. 

Hi, the platform is designed for dnd5e. But the data for monsters, die rolls and actions are simply coded in XML. I would need to add some support for your system of choice but it shouldnt be difficult.

That would be awesome! I may be able to help some if you need it but let me know what you need from me.

Well I would need to know what system you are interested in and if you have any special rules that need to be added. I’m currently working on adding the pathfinder 2 system, but still very early. I am not as versed with the system as Dnd.

The system is HARP (High Adventure Role Playing) and it's not related to D&D in any way. So this might not be something so easily tackled. In fact it has different stats than D&D and is basically a skill based system, even the spells are considered skills. The system is also point based as each level every character gets 50 development points to spend for stat increases, skills, and special abilities. Each skill has a progression rate and there are two different rates; favored (cost 1 per rank) and un-favored (cost 2 per rank). The progression rate is not as direct either. For the first 10 ranks in a skill the bonus is +5, then it's +2 per rank up to 20, then it's +1 per rank thereafter. I am working on a house rule that might change that though. Then each skill has two stats it gets the bonus from.... etc

The system is percentile based and the dice generally explode on a roll of 96 or higher. 

So you can see this would not be an easy thing for you to do. If you wanted I could work on the stuff while you help me out here and there...lol. 

That sounds very cool :) Well the app is more geared towards helping DM’s run games. But yes, it would indeed be helpful to have someone helping with the content of another system. 

Still working out on how to support additional systems, but once I've completed PF2 support it should be easier.

Absolutely love this app!

The only issue I'm facing is with I keep getting map could not sync error is there anyway you guys could assist?

Hello Barlow, perhaps you could give more information. The map sync works through Dropbox to share the image and fog information. You will need to allow the app access to your dropbox. 

You can also try reducing the size of your images files, perhaps it might be an issue with your connection. This might help your narrow down the cause. 

We can chat through discord if you wish.

Hi, could you again add a version for Linux please?

Of course! It is now up on the download page. If there are issues, just let me know so I can look into them. 

Thanks a lot! I had a quick click-through and for the most part it seems to work fine and I can definitely use it in Linux. I noticed a couple of things though (In no particular order):

- There is a sound when clicking most buttons and there seems to be no way to disable it. I suspect that the sound would become annoying at the table during sessions

- When importing the compendium from Dropbox you need to first go to the import menu to login and then you need to go to a completely different menu to actually download the compendium. This seems rather counter intuitive.

- (Probably a Linux only problem) the file browser for local XML files and for images/maps appears to be non-functional. It doesn't show any files and the navigation arrows don't seem to do anything.

- (Probably a Linux only problem) The file browser for Dropbox seems to work for the most part except that the check mark in the upper right corner seems to be non functional

- In the combat tracker I would like it if multiple copies of the same monster would get a number to help differentiate them. Also it would be helpful if the corresponding token was highlighted (or had the same number).

- Please could you add a warning before deleting everything from the combat tracker?

- The group filter in the Player overview seems to be non functional.

- When making changes to a player the "Saved changes" messages appears multiple times

Changes would be highly appreciated, but I completely understand that especially the Linux-specific stuff is low priority. Thank you for your work.

Thank you for the quick feedback :) 

I’ll add an option to turn off button sounds in the future. 

For the combat tracker, hitting the roll button will automatically add a number to the each monster with the same type.

The group filter automatically creates a list of groups for the player. But you will have assign your players to groups first. 

I’ll look into adding improvements to the browser panel and notification spams 

(2 edits)

Regarding the group filter:

Yes, I can add a player to a group and that group name shows up in the filter. But actually selecting the group in the filter does nothing.

Unless I also enter something in the search field. Then I only see characters with the specified string that are in the selected group.

What I would expect is to see all characters from the group selected in the filter, even without using the search text field.

Another thing I noticed: In my compendium certain special characters are encoded in the following way "&# 8226;" (without the space, since itch apparently auto converts to the proper character). Would it be possible to show this as • ?

One more question: If you add map sharing, will this rely on a (your?) web server or are you going for a peer to peer structure?

(1 edit)

It currently uses Dropbox to share maps and fog information. I do hope to move it to a dedicated server, but I have no experience with servers and those stuff.  (assuming you meant this for sharing your screen with other players)

For the player grouping, what you described is how it should work. Selecting a player filter should only show those with the same group value. I’ll look into it. 

For the latter, yes I can add that to the special characters list. 

i would like to know how i add friend to my table?

All data are stored on a single device. This is not meant to be virtual table top. But the feature in 2.0 will allow you to send data to a Player Screen. (All dm information and permission are automatically locked out for them)

Desktop version only for now.

This looks great. 
I’m optimistic about writing up compendium XML for my games. 
Will this work for non-d20 systems?

it works specifically for dnd 5e. With that said, we will be working to support new systems in future patches. Do you have any specific system that you would like to see supported ?

Cool! Mythras (Runequest 6) is my preferred system.

Cant find the local folder on my PC where my stuff is saved.

And it would be nice if when reading from dropbox it would let us select a folder instead of needing to drop all files on the main dropbox.

Please check this link on how to find the local app folder. By default, windows keeps it hidden. 


Thank you for the feedback, we’d like to eventually offer options to select target folders.

What is it called?

itch something
epicgm something
my appdata has a bunch of folders and none of them are for epicgm thing

Apologies for not  being clear: Typically you will find the folder in the following path:

with in your [User Folder] -”/AppData/LocalLow/Gavelsoft/epicGM/Resources”

You can copy paste any of the xml and images to another device.

(2 edits)

Thank you so much for making this wonderful app. Me and my friends just got into dnd recently and played using your app. The convenience of being able  to play digitally is really incredible. And the features are awesome as well! It really helped bring in new players because of the streamlined and easy way to navigate my maps. 

There is only one major issue though. The fog of war system. It really didn't make any sense to us that you have to make everything on the map visible using the DM mode just to erase the fog. It has been a source of many frustrations. Especially when it doesn't have any extended desktop support for DM view and PC view simultaneously. Everyone just looks away when I have to erase parts of the fog. 

If I could make a suggestion, that is to simply be able to erase the fog in PC view just for ease of use. Every one of my players loved the thrill of revealing what was hiding on the battle and region map. The reward of finding something new is an increbible feeling. Even for a DM like me. 

Another suggestion would be having a more advanced system in place using dynamic lighting and shadow. Like from RTS games. And also you can make it much easier for users to do this if you allow us to manually place blocks on the grid system that automatically block line-of-sight relative to the PC tokens' positions. Oh and have the app remember token placements even after exiting grid view and returning again. 

A final suggestion is maybe having a complicated AI to detect environment features on our maps automatically and be able to calculate line-of-sight. I can dream, can't I? XD

Thank you again for this wonderful app! We already bought the ios version. And many of us here support development and will donate some more once this issue has been fixed. Everyone here loves this app. 

And one more thing, how does one add source materials to the pc version?

Hi VMSC777, 

First off, thank you so much for the kind words, I appreciate it. Now to your suggestions. yes, we are developing a better way to do the fog system. The final version would be something similar to your suggestion with realtime light and vision. What's lacking is currently a way to set colliders for the map/objects.

To add data to the pc version, copy pasting works or you can import xml files through the import panel. If you are familiar with the file system for iOS, you can simply copy and paste the whole folder into the local folder of your pc version.

(1 edit)

On iPad it looks like playing back imported mp3 is crashing the app

Edit: it looks like the app crashes if I change the name of the file externally, but when I leave it it doesn’t crash, but it doesn’t play either.

(1 edit)

Thank you for the report. Something must have changed somewhere. I'll fix this for the next patch!

EDIT: As a workaround, try setting the name of your music file to have no space or any special characters. Then restart the app to allow it to create the new database. Certain characters are being changed in iOS perhaps.

What you suggested worked, but when I tried it with a second .mp3, it caused the app to crash again, and the first .mp3 would crash now too. So I deleted both files and started again and now the first mp3 crashes the app.

Would it be possible to get a link to the source of the mp3 file? That way I can try to find out what's causing the issue. It would also really help if you could send me a screenshot of the directory path for the music files. If this isn't too much trouble for you. 

here’s the link for the first file http://zapsplat.net/zapsplat-sounds/download.php?fileName=pm_rd_rain_23_city_modarate_drippy_362.mp3&expiry=1581591517

because I’m using an iPad the file browser doesn’t let me show a file tree, but I have put the files in epicGM>sounds>AMB

Apologies, I've been experience net problems and I did not see this and the link has expired. 

In the meantime, I've made some changes to the iOS code for reading files though, and I think it should be do better reading custom sound files. :) 

Hi, I have a question, I was trying to resize a map, made by me, to adapt it to the grid, but I find the analog solution very imprecise, and it often takes me about half an hour to find the right size ... there is a faster and less analog system to resize the map on the grid?
Maybe with a size input?
Otherwise can you tell me how many pixels is the grid big? So I resize the maps on Gimp and then import them into the software.

Thank you very much.

(1 edit)

The precise map size depends on your system I think (by default its 100px per square, but it may change depending on the system/screen). I'll add a more precise way to change the size. Will a single value for total scale work?

That would certanly help a lot!

Perhaps I'm just to excited at the prospect of a complete roll20 replacement, but as of right now is there any way to output a player view to a different monitor yet? Absolutely love the software btw <3

Hi, that's a function we are working on right now. Unlike roll20, we do not have servers to host images and this will be a peer-to-peer feature. We're still looking for ways on how maps can be shared to different devices without eating too much data.

Thank you! 

Okay perfect! I'm migrating to a more local game so I'm excited to see what you guys come up with as it already feels so much fresher than other alternatives

Hello, apologies if this has been asked and answered before. I was just wondering if it's possible to add player characters from fight club 5 and them to the Players list and roster? And if so how might one go about it?

You should be able to import players through the import link with Dropbox or accessing local files. You will need to export the player file using fightclub’s create a game master PC file first.

Thank you so much.

Hi! These updates are amazing! I'm being a little lost yet, but when I figure it out how to apply to my works, it would be amazing!

Thank you for your hard work!

And if you never want a Spanish translation, I can help you. I don't have much free time, but I will do my best.

Thank you, I'm happy that you are enjoying the updates. 

I'd appreciate a Spanish translation :) I'm working on a very big update that will bring a refreshed UI to further improve the ease of using the app as well as many new features. If you're still interested, we can look into your offer once we've finalized all the new design changes.

Stay tuned! 

(1 edit)

Sure! As I said, I don't have much free time and I'm not a programmer. But if I can help you, I will be happy to do it.

I'm really excited about finding EpicGM. I'm using EpicGM with a laptop plugged into a tabletop screen. I want to view the GM version of the map on the laptop (GM fog) and the player version of the map (player fog) on the tabletop screen. It does not seem like this is possible. Am I missing something?

Hello! That feature isnt available yet, but we are currently working on that.

New update is great! The new battle map stuff is awesome and I can’t wait for some kind of functionality with a second screen/client interface. Only problem is the battle grid doesn’t quite line up with some of my larger maps (towards the edges) I think it’s something to do with the battle grid using some kind of 3D camera to position the map. A work around I have found is taking a screen shot of the battle map from the app and using an editing app (procreate in my case) and distort my map to conform to the edges and using that in epic gm.

Also thanks for fixing the drop down menus in compendium, but I’m still having issues with finding items I’ve created in the compendium.

Absolutely craving some kind of npc/custom lore/city details system.

Still loving the app and it’s working great in my group sessions!

Glad you liked the update :) I'll look into the map and compendium things, but yes you are correct that it is a 3d map. I love procreate too and use it to draw my maps. 

I've been planning to expand on the compendium features and I'll work on adding the extra systems at the same time. Though that will have to wait until after the multiplayer patch.

(1 edit)

Is there a client/version/setting for players to view the battle mat or grid, move their unit, and manage their character info, etc? If not, I'm confused on the function of the gm/pc fog in grid view - can I et an explanation on how I am supposed to use it?

This is about everything i want in a virtual tabletop, but as far as I can tell there isnt a way to coordinate between remote players and the GM. If there was a way to link clients and share the tabletop live, this would be my #1 tool.

I log in to the thing, so there must be an account somewhere. that username could be used to by gms to invite players to tables. players could directly share their characters, and the gm could add it to the roster. etc. etc.

then the pc fog function would really be stellar, especially compared to what's out there. roll20, astral tabletop, and dungeonfog are all shy of the mark as far as dynamic lighting and fog is concerned (imo), and having the power of this tool integrated into a virtual tabletop would be amazing.

Hi! Yes that is a feature that I will be adding in the next major patch. This feature is still in the development/design stage though and will be some time off. I went ahead and built the tools to see how well it performs first for both mobile and desktop clients.


Is there a chance of a Linux release? It is a supported target in Unity after all, so it shouldn't be a huge problem I guess.

I could publish a release on Linux but there would be no way for me to debug any issues in a meaningful way. If you are open to that, than I can try uploading  a linux version.

Yeah, I would be fine with that.

Alright, I've uploaded a linux version!

Nice, thank you. So far I found no problems with the release.

Thanks! Glad to know that there are no issues !

I'm not sure what's going on, but the latest versions of EpicGM (1.8.2 and 1.8.3b) are very blurry and forced to full screen on my MacBook Pro.  Not sure how to fix this.   Your help would be appreciated, thank you!

Hi Doorman, the app is currently set to run in windowed mode. If you have not tried it, please try mousing over the upper left corner and press the green circle to return to windowed mode. 

Although it looks your version of the app is running on a lower resolution. Perhaps the app is on a retina display? 

Try running the app with the "Open in Low Resolution" mode from Get Info

(1 edit)

Hello, Thanks for trying to help, but nothing worked.   I am trying this on the latest version 1.8.5.  Hovering mouse in top left of screen and nothing appeared.  I tried to use the keyboard shortcut to switch between windowed and full screen which works for other apps (Ctrl-Cmd-F), but that didn't work either.  I clicked on the 'open in low res...', and that didn't work. It almost seems like the app is behaving as if it's running on an iPad or iPhone, and not a Mac OS.   

(1 edit)

Oh my Goodness!  I was finally able to get it to work!!!  It was a simple but completely non-obvious solution.   If you open EpicGM on Mac OS and it is full screen and poor resolution, and it won't respond to regular method of switching between full screen and window mode, try this:

1.  Click on Mission Control or swipe up on Trackpad with four fingers

2.  move moue pointer up to top where you see desktops, and EpicGM will be shown as it's own desktop.  

3. Hover mouse over Epic GM desktop and you will see the minimize screen in top left of small graphic of EpicGM desktop.  Click on that and it should be back to Windowed.  

Not that I've done this, switching between windowed and full screen works normally, but before this, there was no regular way of swapping between the two modes.   Very interesting, but glad I fixed it.   So much easier to create content on Mac and then use Dropbox to view it on iPad!    

Looking forward to version 2.0

I wonder if you could recompile the iPad version of EpicGM with the new Catalyst Libraries for MacOS, which allows iOS apps to run on Mac OS Catalina....


hi Thanks Doorman, I’ll give that a go. Currently working out some bugs on the network features atm so that’ll come afterwards when I’m compiling for release :)

(1 edit)

Love the new update, drop box integration is a dream and I love being able to set monster hp after adding to the initiative.

Quick question, is there a way to add more categories to the compendium? I really want a place to store info on npcs/locations across all files.

Keep up the awesome work!

Edit: also is something up with the compendium? When I create a new item it doesn't save it in the list but when I try again it says that the item already exists. As a workaround I can edit an item and use that as a template and that saves it to the main list. Also some of the scroll menus are a bit buggy on ios

We are very happy to hear that!

We don't have anything yet for additional categories for the compendium. But we have gotten plenty of request for an NPC system. We'll be expanding on that one in a future update.

Thank you!

Thanks for the reply!

also is something up with the compendium? When I create a new item it doesn't save it in the list but when I try again it says that the item already exists. As a workaround I can edit an item and use that as a template and that saves it to the main list. Also some of the scroll menus are a bit buggy on ios

Apologies, looks like one of the recent updates broke the sliders. It looks like the category for the item is not matching the text and is probably being added to the wrong list. The items is being saved and added that's why you can edit and cant add a new one.

I'll ship out a fix as soon as I can. Thank you for this!

I figured it was something like that

Good stuff!

(1 edit)

Hey there! I've been using your app for quite a while and it's saved me a ton of work. I love how interactive and intuitive it is, and it makes everything much more accessible. Integration with Dropbox was something I was really looking forward to, but there seems to be a limit on how many people can access the token, and the limit has already been reached. 

Is there a way you could increase the limit? I tend to write my adventures on my laptop and then download them on my tablet to run them and this was the only thing it was missing to make it perfect. I've tried my luck at uploading them directly through the app but the upload always fails halfway through.


(1 edit)

Hi, very happy to hear that the app is helping you. Yes, we will apply to dropbox to increase the user limit. 

Upload fails maybe caused by connectivity issues or dropbox might be full.

You can also try to simply directly upload the actual data folder from you local hard drive to your dropbox and then download from your device. Simply copy the whole epicGM folder (found in your "local app folder" /Gavelsoft/epicGM) 

Additionally, if you could give me a bit more detail about your case, it would help me improve the dropbox sync feature. I just need the number of files and the rough size of the files.


Hi again. The Dropbox issue has been resolved... I can sync my modules just fine now. Thanks for the hard work!

Just one little thing. The new audio sliders cover the bottom of the audio menu, blocking the last 2 or 3 sounds in the list. Other than that the app is just perfect the way it is right now.

Hi! Is there any way to clean up my entire compendium before importing an XML? I speak portuguese, so I made my own compendium on my language, but when importing I get almost all the creatures repeated, in two languages. And there is no way to select them to delete in a group, so it would be very hard to delete them one by one. Thank you!

Hi Lucas, 

If you use the same name, your creatures should overwrite the pre-stored ones. If you want to hard reset the compendium, you can follow the steps below:

  1.  you open the resource folder at your local app folder/application support: 
  2. navigate to Gavelsoft/epicGM/Resources/ 
  3. delete the myBestiaryCompendium.xml file
  4. import your compendium

Happy gaming!

(1 edit)

It worked! Thank you for your help! And I'd like to make a small suggestion: the application does not support the letter 'ç' or accents like '~', when you use it, it changes the font to a much larger one. It would be great if it were not so! Once again, thank you! :D

Other suggestions:

1 - Implemenentation of an "Environment" field in the creatures sheet, as well as the possibility to search for this field in the creature menu (as it is already possible to filter by CR and type);

2 - Import compatibility of the "Environment" field of FC5;

3 - Ability to delete or rename the app's default sounds;

4 - Import compatibility of FC5 "Skills" and "Saves" fields (currently the epicGM only imports the first skill or save and ignores the following);

5 - Implementation of an "NPCs" menu (I have been making my NPCs in the creature menu, but it would be easier to manage in an individual menu).

Thank you!

1. What's the requirement for the account creation e-mail?

2. Are we suppose to be able to login with itch.io account?

3. Is this the official "Support Page"?

now account locked, for trying to login with itch.io account.
which account is locked? lol

Great app. I plan to support once I can create an account..

Hi! The account should unlocked after 5 minutes. You can create an account in-app with an email and a password. This will allow you to connect to the Gamesparks server. 

Do note, this is not connected to itch.io

With that said, we are currently developing a Dropbox-sync to really open up cloud and storage options. Its still heavily in development though.

Thanks for the reply.  What's the formating limitation of the mail?  Sampl3Email123@mailserver.com gives me an "invalid email". (sample email above has similar caps and numbers of the actual email used.  I've also tried all lowercase, same error.)

embarrassingly enough on how we missed this, but it will work if you type everything in lower case. Please let me know if this works for you. 

With that aside, I would like to share that we are working on a big Dropbox sync update. You will be able to load and save campaign packages, images, sounds to and from dropbox and local HDD with a built in browser. 

With Dropbox, this should allow you to save files that are much bigger than what our current cloud services can handle.

Import XML gives Dropbox error:cannot access url. Dropbox works ok on eg DM5.

Hi DM_Unseen, the "cannot access url" usually means that there is a network connection issue. Besides having intermittent connection, this can also be caused by an error in the URL address or perhaps the files has been moved/deleted. 

You can send me a copy of the link so I can see if there is any issue with the end from dropbox. 

is there a way to import new music and sound effects?

Yes, you can easily import music by adding *.ogg music files into the "sound" folder. (*.mp3 are supported on mobile devices)

The sound folder is found in your local app folder (this changes depending on your system)

"LocalAppFolder"/Application Support/Gavelsoft/epicGM/Resources/Sounds/

Inside you can categorise sound by dropping it in the appropriate folder:

AMB - ambient

BGM - background music

SFX - sound effects and is categorise into Animals, Monsters and Various.

Drop sound files in any of the folders and epicGM will automatically add it when next run.

Love the program! But I have one issue. If I am altering a module entry and decide to edit or create a monster entry, one of my module's subentries is reverted back to the blank subentry template. That's not a huge problem, since I can just close the module entry without saving and reloaad it at it's previous saved state. But I figured I should give you guys a heads up! Again, thanks for the program! I am running a massive homebrew, and this has made things 100x easier (not too mention impressive when I bust out the maps and music)!

Thank you this is very a valued feedback, I'll look into fixing this. 

I'm glad to hear that this is really helping you out with your dm-ing :)

Hello, I'd first like to say that I love your app so far. 

I was just wondering what the process is for keeping campaigns up to date on two devices. I have Windows and Android and at the minute it looks like I have to be deleting and re-downloading campaigns if I make changes on either device, am I missing something or just doing it all wrong 😅

Any advice on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. 

Keep up the great work. 

Hi thank you for your comment! We plan to revisit syncing campaigns in a future update. :) But currently, besides the package system, you can copy and paste the folders and files directly from windows to android and vice versa. 

I have both the Mac App and the iPad app, but I cannot log in with either version.  I obviously can login to 'gavelsoft.itch.io'   But the exact same login credentials do NOT work on either app.  It keeps giving me the error "Username and/or password not recognized".   How can this be fixed?

Hi you will need to log in using the App's login page. It uses a different server from Itch.IO

Yes, I have been trying to download your app for my computer. I tried it for my phone and liked it, but I already have everything  for my campaign set up on GM 5. But they don't do computers, so I wanted to download this. I downloaded the .zip file and extracted it. I tried to open the app and it read as follows,

The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.ddl was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. 

I reinstalled it twice, and both  times it did the same thing. I tried looking for a "how to" file in the folder, but couldn't find one. If you could just tell me what I'm doing wrong, I would greatly appreciate it.

We'll upload a new update, but the DLL file is normally shipped in the zipped folder. 

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