1.6.6 Update:

1.6.6 comes out with plenty of quality of life changes. The biggest change comes with the map system and storage, images are now limited to up to 4k to prevent larger image files from crashing on mobile devices. With this change, we added the feature to allow you to resize the size of Markers /Nodes on maps.

Other Changes:

  • Adjusted main menu to allow for more items.
  • Now saves the current campaign selected and last file folder accessed for loading images.
  • Simplified map editor, rather than entering a number, simply pick an upper range from 1024, 2048 or 4096.
  • Added a page indicator for maps
  • Added a zoom slider for maps for desktop and tablets
  • Improved clarity for character cards displayed
  • The Combat Tracker now displays total damage dealt to a character while using the slider
  • Also includes an updated tutorial and hint system 

Minor bug fixes for entering data on the compendium and an update to FightClub XML import to accommodate costs and certain special characters.


epicGMwin32 1.6.6.zip 69 MB
Oct 10, 2018
epicGMwin64 1.6.6.zip 71 MB
Oct 10, 2018
epicGMMac 1.6.6.zip 74 MB
Oct 10, 2018

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Hi, Love the app. Is there a discord or communty page for discussion and help?

I am having trouble syncing a campaign across my devices. not sure if i should be saving or uploading the changes and then what i should do to sync on the second device. download seems to make a copy...


There is a reddit page at : https://www.reddit.com/r/epicGMApp/

The easiest way is to use the dropbox feature to sync all your files. Alternatively, you can simply copy and paste the whole local-app data of epicGM and it will work. :)