epicGM is going to the Cloud

It's been a long requested feature, but we are very pleased to say that we have integrated with Gamesparks to offer cloud storage for epicGM.

For patch 1.6, we are bringing cloud storage for your  Compendium, Players and Bestiaries files. In future updates, maps and images will become embedded in the shareable files packages. These packages will also be feature cloud support for sharing and storage.

We are still heavily working on the design on how this will work out. If you have any requests or features that you would like to see with this development direction, please drop us a note.

Happy Gaming! 

team Gavelsoft


epicGMMac1.6.app.zip 74 MB
Jul 18, 2018
epicGMwin32 1.6.zip 68 MB
Jul 18, 2018
epicGMwin64 1.6.zip 70 MB
Jul 18, 2018

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This app just keeps getting better! You guys are doing a great job and I am keep touting this app on social media to every GM who will listen. Keep up the great work guys!

We are humbled by your appreciation. Thank you so much for you support  and may you have more awesome games!