Developing 2.0

A Happy New Year to everyone.

Just a general update. Due to Unity changes, we were forced to make a huge leap in the development timeline. We will be bringing a whole new look and experience to the app based on user feedback. 

The main goal is to make it easier and even more convenient to run your games with feature such as:

  • A map finder panel to navigate from.
  • Integrated monster attack/dice rolls into their traits including area, targets, compendium lookup link and dice rolls.
  • Added the option to unload the default sound files.
  • Creatures added from notes can now roll init automatically. Premium/Desktop users will automatically add tokens to the active battlemap. If the note has a link on the map, the tokens will appear at the link's position.
  • We are also actively working on a multi-device sharing. More details for this feature once we've developed it further.
  • We are also looking to support other game systems. Please let us know what systems you'd like to see supported.

However, there are some features that we were forced to retire earlier. 

The service we used for user accounts, sharing of packages and auto-syncing is no longer supported by the latest version of unity. Fortunately, this does not affect Dropbox syncing. We plan to reintroduce these features at a later date once we've found a suitable replacement.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or comments!

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can you do a Videoguide on the app? 

We'll add some tutorial for new version :)

thank you so much!!

You should give to GMs the possibility to save/export the map jpg and status in a local folder... because if we want to share the battlemap to online players we (or well I) need to do screenshots and it's not the best... (the resolution loss is very gamebreaking) please give us the possibility to do this T_T

We're experimenting with an automated system to share the image via dropbox accounts.

Excited to see the new look! Would really love to see some kind of lore integration system where you can have a name in the adventure notes link to a specific entry in lore notes. Things like npc’s, locations, deities etc.

Because you asked for feedback, it would be nice if the Note entry space was more robust. Especially if you are to share with other GM's it's hard to separate GM adventure text and read to the player text, or specific types of encounters would be neat to separate by color. In addition adding the map links to specific parts of the notes would be cool. And possibly to be able to make the Note section larger even if shrinking the map area might be nice. That's all I have, for now... 

I love EpicGM and I do a lot of monster and adventure entries specific to Pathfinder Second Edition. It's very close in how everything works as a whole but is still a lot of manual entry. As you're looking at additional systems please make Pathfinder 2e one of the first.

Thank you for the feedback, we'll add a feature to allow the notes to be displayed bigger. Pathfinder is on the top of the list.