EpicGM and battle maps

One of the bigger and most recurring requests we get is a support for a battle map of sorts. And we're finally looking into designing a system that will work with epicGM. 

Our main design is to create an easy and accessible way for DMs to replace physical grid maps and markers. We're looking into adding some token support, basic markers and drawing tools with a grid system. 

The goal isn't to create a system that replaces virtual table top, but to have a physical device where players can see and share a battle map.

This is still a long ways off as we are studying various ways to implement this. We would love to hear what features you want to see in a battle map system for epicGM.

*Also a minor bug fix for 1.7.1


epicGMMac 1.7.1.zip 77 MB
Apr 06, 2019
epicGMwin32 1.7.1.zip 74 MB
Apr 06, 2019
epicGMwin64 1.7.1.zip 77 MB
Apr 06, 2019

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