Building a battlemat

I often run hardcover games with a battle mat, which, I lost while having a post game dinner. I really wasn't looking forward to buying a new mat with another set of markers so I experimented with adding a battle mat feature to epicGM. It looks to have been well received so we've doubled down on improving the features.

New Features for 1.8.2

  • We've rebuilt the touch function to be more responsive and accurate. 
  • Expanded the tokens to support HP bars, status icons, movement rulers 
  • Added a marker feature so that you can annotate your maps or quickly draw out a battle mat
  • Selecting on a token on the mat will also cause the tracker to try to centre on its initiative entry.
  • A simple dice calculator

The update is still currently under testing. For future developments: 

  • With a dice system already in place we may go ahead and add embedding dice rolls into the creature cards. 
  • A save system to store maps so we can all prepare them before the session.

That's all that we have for now, happy gaming!

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