1.5.4 Update

You can share your custom campaigns and bestiaries at https://www.reddit.com/r/epicGMApp/

Update 1.5.4

  • Cyrillic Language Support
  • Desktop: Mouse Wheel now works on maps for zoom in and out. (You will need to press it down)
  • Added Delete confirmation for modules and compendium entries

Update 1.5.3

  • Player Manager: You can now save long term players. Drag and drop onto the Roster to add them.
  • For non-Premium users, Players are limited to 3.
  • Campaign Support: Modules are now saved in Campaign XML files. Each campaign file can contain multiple chapters/ adventures.
  • For non-Premium users, Campaigns and adventures are limited to 3.
  • Import/Exporting update: Has been changed to work by simply dropping campaign XML files in the MODULES folder and compendium XML files in the BESTIARIES folder of your app’s Local Data.
  • To Export: Simply copy the campaign/bestiary XML file.
  • Current Modules will be automatically migrated to the new system and will be found in the migrated.xml file in the MODULES folder.
  • Improved User Input field 
  • Added indicators for scrollable inputs (attributes, initiative etc)
  • BGM and SFX can be played simultaneously again.
  • Numerous UI changes to improved responsiveness and ease of use.
  • Sample Campaign and Bestiary files are now available on the download link from https://gavelsoft.itch.io/epicgm


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Apr 14, 2018

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